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Litrite HL120 Highbay Luminaire

elemental design

good design solves problems minimally utilizing as few elements as possible. but for great design one must understand the problem, in its entirety. one must probe: why does it need to be solved? for whom? how is it being done now and why that way! great design challenges the designer to apply creative thought, break dogma, dissect assumptions and reach deep into the heart of the problem.

litrite is a result of unshackling lighting design from conventional thinking. 

a completely reimagined solid state lighting system that is founded on minimalism that leverages the advantages this technology offers, while obviating its limitations.


led luminaires

If we have seen further, it’s because we stand on the shoulders of giants

there is a way to do it better - find it


contrary to popular belief Edison did not invent the light bulb    
                                                              - he made it better

                           we looked at led technology elementally
                                                            - we made it better

we have 'made it better' for them...

....and many others

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case studies

A world leader in manufacturing food processing, conveying, packaging and inspection equipment, they pioneer technology that improves food production effciency, reduces environmental impact of processing and cuts the cost of finished product.

For their 10000 sq meter green field plant in India they turned to our flagship Aspick, knowing well that our decades of experience with industrial customers would make for a credible partner to design an environment friendly lighting system.

The Solution: After studying the requirement of safety, lighting uniformity and illuminance level for the new facility, our proposal based on precisely modeled lighting simulation of the plant was a comprehensive multi luminaire solution with a lighting load 15-20% lower than other leading LED brands.

This saving could be delivered due to our capability to configure the 'exact' power required as opposed to 'fixed' wattages from competitors.

Installed: January 2017

The Result: A solution that delivered on its ‘configurability’ promise to provide precise, uniform and ‘useful’ lumens, reducing running costs by 15%. The team in the new plant now enjoys a well-lit, green work environment that they can be proud of every day and a future ready illumination system that will deliver on its promise for years.

IDEAL Fastener India Pvt Ltd is the Indian venture of Ideal Fastener USA, a major global zipper manufacturer. They are located out of the Special Economic Zone at MEPZ Chennai.

Ideal Fastener was looking to improve the operational efficiency and safety with higher level of illumination in their main dye shop.

After studying the existing lux map of the high power HID lamps in use, the potential with a more evenly distributed LED based solution was demonstrated using lighting simulation tools. After this the decision to change over to LEDs was a no brainer.

The Solution: Aspick Green Tech implemented a high-bay solution by replacing the high power HIDs with the Litrite modular HL75 luminaire, providing not only superior quality lighting that was more evenly distributed, but also tremendous energy cost and downtime savings as lamp replacements became history.

Installed: February 2015

The Result: A very satisfied management and a highly enthusiastic workforce infused with more energy and efficiency, and a repeat order for illuminating their second plant and peripheral roads executed in July 2015.

Indus Refrigeration is an engineering, procurement and contracting company which specializes in Design, Engineering, Supply and Execution of industrial refrigeration projects.

For its greenfield plant in Chitoor, AP, Indus turned to Aspick Green Tech for a complete suite of illumination solutions. This included both shopfloor areas and administrative spaces. Indus a keen early adopter of energy efficient methods and technologies had considered other LED and non-LED illumination options before freezing on the Aspick Green Tech solutions.

The Solution: The Litrite modular HL150 High Bay solution was a perfect fit for the general lighting needed in the shopfloor, delivering optimal energy savings and total freedom from maintenance while improving visibility and safety at the same time.

For the admin spaces the Litrite modular TL8 single module solution was adopted, innovatively deployed in a DC grid formation to derive not only tremendous cost benefit but also extremely uniform illumination.

Installed: March 2016

The Result: Over 50% energy savings compared to other conventional solutions that were evaluated, and a repeat order to illuminate their office spaces, executed in May 2016.

Aspick Engineering, incorporated over 40 years ago, and our flagship company is a precision engineering fabricator who has exacting customers in Space, Automotive, MNC Food Machinery and Manufacturing sectors amongst others.

Nearly all models of our industrial range of luminaires have been installed throughout their plant at Guindy, Chennai. Our installations for their factory date back to our initial models from December 2014.

When they were looking for an aesthetically appealing solution, they did not have to look beyond us as we were able to configure a solution that not only enhanced their interiors but were systemically more efficient than the point solutions available in the market.

The Solution: The Litrite modular TL16 dual module solution was adopted, Deployed in a DC grid formation to derive not only tremendous cost benefit but also extremely uniform illumination and high power conversion efficiency.

Installed: February 2016

The Result: A brightly lit and inviting conference room, with extremely uniform lighting deployed in a high efficiency DC micro-grid configuration delivering over 60% energy savings.

Grundfos India a 100% subsidiary of Grundfos Denmark, a global leader in advanced pump solutions and a trendsetter in water technology. The company contributes to global sustainability by pioneering technologies that improve quality of life for people and care for the planet.

When Grundfos India wanted its new CED plant in its Chennai facility to be outfitted with environment friendly illuminaiton, they turned to us, our flagship Aspick being a trusted partner associated with them for decades.

The Solution: After studying the requirement of safety, efficiency and productivity at its facility, Aspick Green Tech proposed its high perfromance Litrite modular mid-bay solution ML150 customized with tiltable mountings. Grundfos was impressed with the solution, particularly the ultra-low weight of the product and its small carbon footprint even as it is manufactured.

Installed: December 2015

The Result: A solution that was well aligned with their sustainablility and 'care for the planet' vision. The, over 50% energy savings was just another jewel on the crown of this initiative. The CED Plant team now enjoys a well-lit, green work environment that they can be proud of every day.

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